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Originally Posted by skaltezon View Post
I think they've caught you at a bad moment. I'm not crazy about the faux-child voice, but subtract that and it's rather pleasant, I think.
Okay, I grant that I may have been in a slightly bad moment when I wrote that post, skaltezon.

So in honor of that possibility I listened to Animal Collective's "I've got mine" again. I tried ignoring the faux-child's voice. I tried. I tried.

But I failed.

Now the song just makes me dissolve into chuckling laughter when I hear it because I *still* don't like the song and its limp-along sound.

I dislike the sound of the song so much that when I first heard it I didn't even bother to look up its lyrics, and you know me: I usually LOVE to read the lyrics of songs.

So I just looked up the lyrics, to try to give the song more effort. They've got a good message: we've all got troubles that sometimes wax and wane out of our control, and people do crappy things to each other. They're a little cryptic, though: "when will turn to sand this bell stains our hands." If they are going to use a metaphor, I'd like its meaning to be clearer. Is the bell the clamoring of the troubled soul?

I also don't like their video.
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