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Originally Posted by Vanilla View Post
I felt the thread was naked without crashes wee complaint. Ah complete now.
Condescension is not a good look for you. I would tell you how I really feel, but since Duga is handing out infractions for opinionated posts now, I'll refrain. Have a nice day.

How's the weather up there by the way?

Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
I don't understand what you're missing here, but I expect no amount of expounding will satisfy your distaste for our decision.
This parental, "because I said so" attitude that you seem to be taking on the issue should not be confused with any sort of real explanation.

If you can't explain why you did something, you probably shouldn't have done it in the first place.

I can't decide if you mods take this approach because you "want to protect members privacy", or because everyone knowing would prove that the action was taken in haste and without proper procedure.
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Originally Posted by OBEY
"Never trust your own eyes, believe what you are told".
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