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Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
I don't see the need to repeat the exact phrases used, cause more drama, and make a further spectacle out of the user that was victimized in the speech. I understand how this will satisfy curiosity, but I do not see it having any other positive impact.

The reality of this particular situation is that Dirty is a person known for his polarizing behaviour who has received previous warnings and consequences for his actions. He continued this behaviour, to an extent where it was bordering on harassment of another user. The last particular instance required intervention.

That's the long and short of it, without resorting to posting word for word the gratuitous insults that were used in the cited conversation.
Now we're getting somewhere. Thank you for a seemingly sincere and concerted effort. It doesn't paint a vivid picture, but it's a good start by MB standards.

Note I'm not saying the mods actions were/are unjust or unfair in this case, I would just like the opputunity to arrive at that opinion on my own, rather than having it handed to me.

Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
Generally speaking, it seems that if we give an inch, people will take a mile. Previously, it was stressed that all anyone wanted to know was length of ban and simple reason for it. Now we've been providing this information, yet it fails to satisfy. Honestly, the curiosity will only be fulfilled if you were witness to the incident while it took place, and short of that, nobody will feel comfortable or as if they understand everything that occurred.
Here's where we disagree, I don't believe in the hiding of information. We are not dogs, we shouldn't be expected to be happy with our dog treats while we watch you eat a steak (pardon the stupid analogy). Holding back facts and essentially sitting on pertinent inforamtion is obviously going to breed a certain level on distrust between mods and regular members. When you make it obvious that you're hiding certain facts, why wouldn't we assume you're hiding others as well?

Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
I'm not sure what you consider "proper procedure". We haven't hidden our method from anyone. We observe a number of incidents, and when they come to a peak, we come to a majority consensus and decide on an action to counter the offending behaviour. If you think there is a more professional way to handle things, I at least, am listening to the suggestion.
Okay so "proper procedure" may have been a little vague, but as Urban said earlier, I would consider banning people based on the current rules in place rather than making up new rules to accomidate old bannings to be a good start.
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Originally Posted by OBEY
"Never trust your own eyes, believe what you are told".

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