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Originally Posted by The Virgin View Post
you said, that, not me.
and fyi, the mod that i said i really hated is not conan.
I think she was being a little sarcastic with that comment. Conan is a nice guy! And by the way, who are you talking about? Just like you guys want to know all the details about someone's banning, I want to know which mod you hate . Even though neither will solve anything, really.

Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
The withholding of facts is meant to take focus off of the banned and the victim, re-direct it on staff, and ultimately reduce the amount of inevitable drama. Other than you being curious and mistrusting, revealing information will solve literally nothing. It will extend the distress of the person who was verbally abused, it will increase the infamy of the user who was banned, and it will open up a massive can of worms amongst all users as to whether or not it was "fair", because everyone has a different opinion subjected to their bias for or against other users. All I am seeing is gossip, and nothing beneficial can come from increasing the drama. Publicizing information can also negatively effect the person who was abused, and that's another excellent reason not to share all the details.
I love this post.
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