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Default best singer/songwriter of the past decade and a bit..

When I came up with this topic it sounded good, but thinking of candidtaes was difficult..

Morrissey- I mean the Smiths were active in the 80's as well, but he's been active all during the 90's with the smiths and as a solo singer..MOrrissey latest two albums have been great, and I especially like the song Irish blood, english heart..

Pete Docherty- H'es only really been active in the past few years but he's great IMO, he did some great work for Libertines, and now with Babayshmbles he's written a few good songs, plus he's a great frontman..

Kurt Cobain- Most people praise him as a great singer/songwriter, and to be honest he wa sinfluentail and changed the music scene especially with songs like heart shaped box, come as you are and the ever popular smells like teen spirit..

Bono- again Bono was active during the 80's but he was extremly active during the 90's too..His songs are popular, influentail, political and he's a great lead singer, charismatic and a really nice guy,,

Chris Martin- I hate Coldplay witha passion, but it doesn't mean everyone else does..Everyone else think there bloody great..Meh, I think there mediocre at best..

Gallagher- Oasis have been a huge popular band in teh past decade becaus ethey have good songs apprently..NO, seriiously, he can't sing for ****, but some of there songs have been alright..

I have probaly missed out loads of people but's all that came to my head in 5 minutes of thinking lol..
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