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Originally Posted by Driztdor View Post
Neither i. But... isn't that quite hard to sing, when u're drunk?

My (few) opinions:
Dope - ''You Spin Me Right Round'' (i don't remeber original, but Dope's cover is also quite good.
Klamydia - ''Pienen pojan elämää'' (translated= Chlamydia - ''Small Boys Life''), finnish punk rock, with catchy chorus.
Antenni - ''Kovin ketto on kumminki Kotkansaari'', (translated= ''Heaviest ghetto is nevertheless Kotkansaari [translated=Eagles Island]) finnish rap/hip hop, the chorus of this song is also good to sing when u're drunk .
Terveet kädet - ''Pissaa ja paskaa'', finnish hardcore punk. Artist name means ''Healthy Hands'' and tracks name is ''Pee and Sh1t''.

Absolutely not!

Listen to it a few times and the lyrics are actually pretty easy to get in the groove of. Also pretty fun to group dance to.
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