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Originally Posted by loose_lips_sink_ships View Post

If I'm feeling a bit sad and moody I'll put on this track. I think it's amazing that we can all have a little piece of Buckley to chase our blues away. God bless vinyl.
That album Blue Afternoon is certainly one of his better albums.

Originally Posted by loose_lips_sink_ships View Post
Also, how is his post-folk era material? I've heard it was pretty mediocre, and the tag "sex funk" makes me feel a bit unsure. I have all of his other albums, so should I just get his last three records or should I steer clear for my own good?
I've wondered the same thing. I can't say any of the previews I've heard from his later albums make me want to shell out for them. I can understand a musician wanting to branch out artistically but as a fan it can be disconcerting when they have excelled in a particular genre and they want to go in a different direction.
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