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Default Brian Eno - Drums Between The Bells

Released July 2011, this new Eno album incorporates words by Rick Holland, whoever he may be.
Sorry, I don`t know how to post a pic of the album, but this link has some info about it, and you get to hear three of the tracks too, so I hope that`ll do instead :-

Brian Eno Official Store -

On the basis of those three tracks, this sounds like a punchier album than some of Eno`s trademark, musically austere efforts, but I found the spoken-word overlay rather distracting.
Anyway, this is the track list :-

1. Bless this space
2. Glitch
3. Dreambirds
4. Pour it out
5. Seedpods
6. The real
7. The airman
8. Fierce aisles of light
9. As if your eyes...
10. A title
11. Sounds alien
12. Dow
13. Multimedia
14. Cloud 4
15. Breath of crows

Anyone else have an opinion on this one ?
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