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Originally Posted by Il Duce View Post
stuff like people who get into arguments or insulting people who are close to the mods, are easily banned

i still don't understand how The Virgin could have lasted here for two months plus, despite pissing off nearly everybody

and people like Bob the Bastard getting banned immediately, just because he's anti-gay and I didn't see him breaking any rules

in the interests of "political correctness", perhaps?
If you honestly want to know why The Virgin lasted here for so long, you can thank the mods trying to be overly sensitive to exact, written protocol for that. We deliberated at length in his regard, because we didn't want a sh*t storm for banning someone who didn't break a clear, written rule. Meanwhile, he got away with his stunts at the expense of the forum community.

Perhaps the mods should be trusted for their personal judgment from now on. This place would probably be better off.
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