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Originally Posted by Dirty View Post
I'd be for personal judgment if I thought it could be trusted, but considering I just got banned for no reason, that's tough for me to do. I think the problem with the bold part is that SOMETIMES individual's problems are caused by the moderators, so the two are kind of intertwined. Generally I think the mods CAN be trusted, again I'm lumping everyone on one label, but then you have mods who can't seperate the rules from their general feelings towards members.

What I'm getting at is somewhere in between just personal judgement and abiding by rules guidelines is probably the best way to go.
Are you meaning me? I don't have a problem with you and I thought you deserved the ban as anyone else would have. You must have a memory problem because you seem to have forgotten that you do personally insult people in chat and on here.

I'm not perfect, I have received an infraction for a personal insult once, but generally you get over it and move on, try to keep it impersonal.
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