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Originally Posted by Liljagare View Post
Frida is awesome (plus Phil Collins on drums makes that song extra special). I guess that if I have to think of one of my favorite dysfunctional music songs (at least it is the song that pops in my head) it would have to be the following (perhaps I should start the "Favorite dysfunctional relationship music" thread).

I actually haven't listened to many Frida songs, but I'll go search out more of them because I do feel that "I Know There Is Something Going On" is extra special.

Whoa! I was just listening to 'Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" several days ago and thought of posting the video here! You may be my musical clone, Liljagare.

Frida - The Face
Another dysfunctional relationship song. I felt this was one of the better Frida songs of the ten or so I skimmed through while trying to find others that I might like as much as "I Know There's Something Going On," which I feel is her best by far.

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