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Default Remembering the Dead... my own little contribution

As next Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York, I feel it's only appropriate to mark the occasion. Whether you agree or not with US policy, wherever your sympathies lie and whoever you are, there's no argument that thousands of innocent people lost their lives on that black day, and thousands more are still living with the pain of that loss.

So on September 11 I will be posting a special selection of songs that in one way or another refer to or mark the attacks. Haven't decided on the content yet --- could be some patriotic songs (Bon Jovi's "Bells of freedom", Springsteen's "The Rising" etc), sad songs, certainly some political songs --- but I will do my best to remain true to the memory of those who died, and those who have been left behind. My intention is not to sensationalise anything, but to underline the anniversary and just pay my own little tribute to the victims of the Twin Towers attack.

I would appreciate anyone who reads it taking it in that spirit. It's not meant to be politically partisan, judgemental or sanctimonious, and anyway, if you feel uncomfortable for any reason with this section you are under no obligation to read it. I would welcome, as ever, any comments on this when it's posted, but mostly I hope it will just encourage us all to stop for a moment and think about the honoured dead and their loved ones, and remember a very black day in the history not only of the USA, but of the world.

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