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Saturday, September 3 2011

Always enigmatic, often eccentric, an acquired taste --- just a few of the labels often associated with the music of Nick Cave. Once you get into him though you'll recognise him for the genius he is. Like a modern-day romance poet on crack, or Tom Waits when he's just about sobre and REAL mean, Cave sings about anything that takes his fancy, with an uncompromising attitude that is sorely lacking in many of today's musicians. It turns some people off his music, but attracts many many others. In any event, Cave tends to write his music for himself, not for fans, record labels, sales or fame. A true hardcore artist, you can't help but be affected by his music, whether positively or negatively. One thing he is not, and that is boring or predictable.

New morning --- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds --- from “Tender Prey” on Mute

I've only listened to this album once, but it is fantastic. One of Cave's older recordings before he got into his orchestral period, it contains some excellent tracks. This is called “New morning”, and comes closest to a cross between a country track and a gospel song. Nice piano and harmonica, and one of Cave's least dark songs, almost a prayer. You can almost see the hulking, shadowy figure of Nick Cave standing in the pulpit, leading the congregation while the Bad Seeds play behind him, early morning light streaming in through the stained-glass windows of some church in East Nowhere, USA.
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