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Random Track of the Day
Sunday, September 4 2011

How random is that? Yesterday we had Nick Cave, today we have Josh Groban, two artistes who could not be any different, yet in many ways are quite alike. Great singers, powerful presence on stage, and a willingness to step “outside the box” on occasion. I've reviewed Josh's “Closer” earlier in my journal, so not too much to add, just have a listen.

Mai --- Josh Groban --- from “Awake” on Reprise

It's another of Josh's non-English songs, but don't let that put you off. With pristine production by David Foster, and a powerful orchestra backing him, this is a fine example of why Josh Groban is seen as one of the most accomplished and noted singers in his field today. Ignore the words --- you're unlikely to be able to understand them anyway, I couldn't --- and listen to the song. Proof that music can transcend the language barrier.
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