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Time to hop on a bus to Weirdsville and take a trip, if not to the Twilight Zone, then definitely to the Late-in-the-Afternoon Zone, where I veer off from the kind of music I usually write about to feature some tracks from artistes I would normally either not have an interest in, or whose genre is not one I normally review. Weird sh*t I like, as the title says.

First off, here's a disco band. Well, maybe the disco band of the seventies. I was never into disco music at all, but Earth, Wind and Fire had something about them, and a lot of their music was at least the kind of thing I didn't turn off or switch channels for. This is one of their big hits, and in fairness it's infectiously danceable. This is “September”. Oh, and so it is...

And totally on the other side of the scale, well you just can't beat those old romantic ballads, can you? This is a song I actually got to know through, would you believe, “Star Trek Deep Space 9”. There are many versions of “I'll be seeing you”, but I prefer the slower ones. Hard to find, to be honest. I had one by Barry Manilow, but I've already subjected you to him once, and didn't feel that would be fair play, so here's someone called Jo Stafford, with the sort of arrangment for this song that I prefer.

And I truly HATE the Big Band sound, but even I can't fault the class of Glenn Miller on this favourite of his, “Moonlight serenade”.

Just to raise the tempo, here's Charlie Daniels and his band with a great favourite of mine. Couldn't really feature this anywhere else, so here he is with “The Devil went down to Georgia” (thought he lived there?) ---- just listen to them fiddles!

Probably sounds totally dated now, but when this came out first it was cutting edge! I remember seeing the Art of Noise on Top of the Pops and they had COMPUTERS on stage! Oh wow! Break that mould! Here they are with “Close to the edit”.

Okay, that's enough weirdness for now. What passes for normal service will now be resumed. Until next time....

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