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Tuesday, September 6 2011

Something totally different this time. I've only recently heard of, then downloaded, this album but already it's showing promise. Isabel Oversveen, otherwise known as Issa, is a 26-year old rising talent from Norway, who has cut her teeth with all manner of bands there and earned the respect of the music industry. This is her debut album, and for a first effort it's commendable. Watch for a review of it once I get a chance to digest it properly. Hey, for now just admire, huh?

What can I do --- Issa --- from “Sign of angels” on Frontiers
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“What can I do” is from her debut album “Sign of angels”, and listening to this it's sort of hard to believe that this is her maiden voyage. Good commercial heavy rock with some well-known (in Norway) musicians backing her, and she has a voice that's just suited to rock and hard rock, coming from the same school of singing as veterans like Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar. On the strength of this, I would say Issa has a very bright future ahead of her, and I'm certain the wider world will hear more of her very soon.
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