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Default Jackson ID

Ok. So I've been trying to figure out what I have for a Jackson. From what I can gather, this can be a real pain because they just BS'ed the serial numbers. I was hoping someone could help me out. This is what I know:
-Its a Jackson Dinky model with a Reverse Neck
-The Cover for the tress rod says "Dinky Rev."
-The tuning pegs are 6 in line
-The neck is Maple with a Maple fingerboard
-Has offset black dot inlays. Two dots offset every 12 frets, I'll confirm this later. And also has 24 frets.
-Its Japanese; The pots are Japanese 500k
-It say's "Professional" on the headstock which, if I understand correctly, is characteristic of the Japanese models and also means its not part of the Professional line because those say "Pro." (I might be wrong but that is my understanding)
-It has a Floyd Rose licenced 2 point locking tremolo made by Schaller
-All the hardware is black
-The paint is black/purple. Depends on the lighting. Back of neck is natural
-Master Volume, Master Tone
-2 humbuckers corresponding to a 3 way lever switch
-Both made by Jackson. The inner neck coil has 6 adjustable pole pieces while the outer coil has normal magnets. Each bridge coil has a magnet strip running perpendicular to the strings like the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker
-Has a serial number somewhere, I can't remember where it is or what it is but I was unable to find anything even similar to it. From what I read, this is common with the Japanese models. I'll find out where it is and what it is and post it soon.
-Came in Charvel/Jackson fitted hardshell case.
-Its got some age to it. I got it from my cousin's basement. It sat there for about 7 or so years. I've had it for about 2. And my cousin got it used from some guy who got it from some other guy ect. So I'm guessing it must be at
absolute latest, late '80s (far fetched) to, more probably, early to mid '90s. Also the fretboard is very worn on it when I got it which is usually a good indicator that its been used a fair amount over time.

I think thats everything I know about it. If anyone has any clue about what year it was actually made, a specific model beyond "Jackson Dinky Reversed Neck" or value of the guitar, please let me know. Its been bugging me for a while, even though I love this baby. Thanks guys.

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