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Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post
USC has always been in the running with Ohio State for the title in the Rose Bowl. USC has a great/strong football program.

UCLA has always been a good team for me concerning the point spread, and as a team to bet on for an upset game. Along with Notre Dame as well.

I think the Texas Longhorns might be a little overrated so far this season, but we will see as the year progresses.

And the college teams of Florida are "Hot" teams to watch and keep an eye on this year.

I'm anxious to see how Oklahoma finishes the season as far as ranking.
LSU looks really strong, I think they're gonna take it this year. That defense is the best in the country. I know Oklahoma is most peoples pick or Alabama, but LSU looks like the team to beat.

USC is even a strong team this year, not that it will count for much. Still in the top 25 of the AP, but not eligible for anything. I'll still hit the Coliseum for my three games this year as i share seats with a friend, but its never the same without playoff aspirations. Still love college football.
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