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Sunday, September 25 2011
Good-time bands, huh? Not enough of them these days, what with everyone being so “emo”, “dark” and “Gothic”. Lighten up guys! Music should be fun, for Chrissakes! You should take a leaf out of these fellahs' book! Before there was the Beautiful South of course, there was the Housemartins, and one thing they knew how to do was have fun. Perhaps comparable to Madness, in style if not in music, the Housemartins only released two albums before they split, some of them going on to form the Beautiful South, and of course Norman Cook famously reinventing himself as Fatboy Slim.

Happy hour --- The Housemartins --- from "London 0 Hull 4" on Go! Discs

Probably their most famous and successful single, there's nothing bad you can say about “Happy hour”. It's short, snappy, catchy, happy and a lot of other words ending with “y”! You just can't listen to it without wanting to get up and dance --- infectious, but in a really good way.
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