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Get Well Soon - "Heading Home to The Pole"

I like the choir and the jingly bells contrasting with the heavier moments in the song. Man, Konstantin Gropper has a low voice that I don't expect to come out of his slender, boyish body! The incongruity always surprises me.

I find myself gravitating to some of his music, which I find very curious, with my favorite song being "Angry Young Man." He sounds like a lounge singer, a crooner from an earlier generation, but his music doesn't sound at all lounge-like. About him and his band:


Get Well Soon - "Angry Young Man"

I'm a little obsessed with this song/video combination, which I posted about elsewhere due to the video appealing to me so much. Below is the official video followed by a live acoustic recording, which I hadn't seen before this morning! (Excitement!)

Heh heh! Now I'm listening to *this* performance video of "Angry Young Man."

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If a chicken was smart enough to be able to speak English and run in a geometric pattern, then I think it should be smart enough to dial 911 (999) before getting the axe, and scream to the operator, "Something must be done! Something must be done!"

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