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I just went to see Scratch Acid last night. I've been a fan of them since I was fourteen or fifteen and never in million years thought I'd ever have a chance to see them live since they broke up in 1987. So I was shocked when I found out they were playing walking distance from my house! It was my first time at this particular venue, which just opened a month or two ago, and I really liked the setup of the place. And the band were great! The years have definitely not been kind to David Yow and honestly he looked like he was about keel over at any moment, but he put absolutely everything into his signing, hocked lugies all over the stage and fortunately kept his clothes on for the entire show. I've always been a fan of David Wm. Sims' bass playing and it was great to see him perform in person, but the person who really surprised me was Rey Washam. I never thought to much about his drumming before but seeing him live gave me a whole new appreciation--he really is a pretty fantastic drummer. Highlights of the show for me were "Lay Screaming", "Damned for All Time", "Cannibal" and "She Said".
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