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I love the Mars Volta. I bought their cd and its just mindblowing. Jack Jeckel, you dont have much positive output on anything do you?

Sparta went too softy-whiny emo. Mars Volta just forged ahead and kickass now. There IS a sad story behind their album. Its essentially the reason that ATDI broke up in the first place. A friend of Cedric Bixler Zavala and Omar Rodriguez's, Julio Venegas fell into a coma after shooting rat poison into his arm. After he awoke from the coma, he chose to kill himself anyways. The album "De-Loused In The Comatorium" is suppose to be like a story/portrait of that time to honor the memory of their friend. And its absolutley ****ing amazing. At this point in time I can't think of a band I'd rather see live. I can't believe I missed this thread too. They are an essential band.

And TMV definately is not overhyped by the media. I've seen them on Much all of ONCE.

Besides, is it so hard to believe that a band can be so critically acclaimed because.. dare I speak it.. they're actually GOOD??
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