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Default This forum seems dead

Yeah alright this place is growing cobwebs and I have my problems with this forum, but maybe all it needs is a jumpstart. That being said, this is a crap poem I wrote back in 2002 (may maybe) for one of my poetics classes. It was the first one I did, so as you can imagine...

People Props
[My Name Here]

I watch the Eleanor Rigby’s of life
From benches in parks and
The bus seats of rapid transit

Statues of flesh
Living Decorations
Breathing Christmas Ornaments

They are extras in a movie
Or muzak in a mall
There to fill the gap
That exists without there menial presence

They’re on time
They crawl on all fours
Walk down the aisle and put
Both feet in the grave

Can they fathom?
Running, diving, swinging
What they must think as they pass
When they see me
On a bench in the park
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Also, the bone flute came from cave bears.
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