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This is from Wikipedia....

"Vokey and Read study
In 1985, university psychologists John R. Vokey and J. Don Read conducted a study using Psalm 23 from the Bible, Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust," and various other sound passages made up for the experiment. Of the 300 people tested, less than 10% claimed they could hear any messages. When a particular phrase was cited beforehand and the subjects prompted to listen for it, 90% were able to hear it, even when the phrase was not intentionally recorded. Vokey and Read concluded that if backmasking did indeed exist, it was ineffective. Their volunteers had trouble even noticing the backmasked phrase when the tape was played forward, were unable to judge the type of message (whether it was Christian, Satanic, or commercial) it contained, and were not led to behave in any certain way as a result of being "exposed" to the backmasked phrase. Due to this research, Vokey and Read were later called upon as expert witnesses in the above-mentioned trial involving the band Judas Priest."

Scientific studys show that if you were to play any song backwards theres a very likely chance you will hear a clash of words that sound remotely like "satan" or "666"...This is a illusion of mind, similar to that of ink block tests or shapes in the clowds, if you are expecting to hear a satanic message in a backwards recording, than you are more than likely to hear one...That being said there are still artists who intentionaly put backwards messages in their songs, many of them admit to doing this, and its usualy intended as either a joke, an artistic statement or a political statement, there are also many death and black metal bands who admit to diliberately putting hidden satanic messages in their songs, this includes Pantera and Darkthrone...There are also christian rock bands who admit to using backmasking for the purpose of getting people to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
Freddie was Zoroastrian. A Parsi. I think it is a matter of hearing things that you are programmed to hear by others. I don't buy into it. Just opinion, but, I listened to some, and, although some can be perceived as a reverse message, I think it is a matter of hearing what you want to hear.
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