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Originally Posted by Alexthe4th View Post
Oh, no worries! I didn't take offense to what you said! I was just putting it out there that I'm fully aware that some people will take it that way and I like making it hard on myself

The music I make right now will make most people think I'm quite base or silly, or not a talented composer or instrumentalist. I knew that when I started making these songs that people could take it that way if they wanted to, and that I wasn't helping the situation. But if someone read the sheet music or attempted to play one of my songs like "Never Surrender" anyone would have an interesting time learning it.

My parents are also very unhappy with the way I have presented myself and act, and my father is especially disappointed with my musical output, but it's what I want to do.
I forgot to mention the most important thing. This forum has a history of having some female members that would just post in lounge and pictures etc, but never in the music forums. So that is most likely the reason for hostility. Myself on the other hand could give a ****, where other people post is their own business.
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