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Originally Posted by Chives View Post
Is Dylan and the Dead as bad as every review I've ever read says it is? I know very little about the Grateful Dead but I find the overwhelmingly negative reactions towards the album very amusing.
You would expect the album to be mind-blowingly epic, but in all honesty I think it's pretty sub-par for both Dylan and The Dead. I couldn't believe how disappointed I was when I first heard the album. A different setlist would have made all the difference in the world, but honestly, aside from Queen Jane Approximately, all the songs are either quasi-mediocre to bad songs of Dylan's: (Slow Train Coming, Gotta Serve Somebody, Joey), or songs that don't particularly do justice to The Dead's style of playing (All Along The Watchtower, Knocking on Heaven's Door). In my opinion, had they chosen more appropriate Dylan songs to play, the album would have been fantastic.
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