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Default The 2011 Music Banter Compilation and Ratings Thread

It's that time of year again. For contemplation. For reflection. For all of your focus to shift to what the coming year has to offer. For lists, for criticisms, and for ranking all the things. Welcome to the 2011 Music Banter Compilation (And Ratings Thread)!(!) Here we shall come together and praise or slag the year's output, to be preserved for all eternity (or until the thread gets lost).

Here we shall preserve 2011 as we musically heard it, to be posted for download sometime in the new year! Here's something to look back on as a whole, or just a place to find out what you missed out on!
  • Submitters have until January 31 to decide upon their top three favourite tracks released in 2011!
  • A zip/rar of your three selections is to be uploaded and provided to me via PM on a host such as mediafire or sendspace.
  • Everyone will have at least one track make the compilation, possibly more depending on the number of contributors!
  • In the new year, the compilation will be uploaded and posted for download with a tracklist that we can discuss and review.
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