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A Christmas message from Trollheart

I'd just like to thank everyone who has read, commented or looked at my journal over the last eight months, and I hope it's been entertaining. I've done my best to make it the most interesting and certainly the most frequently updated journal on Music Banter: obviously, I failed miserably at the former --- I wouldn't presume to blow in here from nowhere and expect to be as good as people who have been maintaining journals here for years --- but in general I think the latter has been achieved, as I've been anxious to make sure there's at least two updates per day. I've also striven to make the Playlist of Life more than just a collection of reviews, with specific sections and ongoing features, and I hope they've been enjoyed by the majority of you. Next year will hold plenty more, I can promise you.

I've also gone perhaps a little out on a limb by extending my journal to include my four female helpers, collectively known as the NewsFoxes, and with Stacey-Lynn particularly shining on the “Random Track of the Day” slot. If nothing else, it's added a little more interest and variety to the journal, and given me the feeling of working with a team, even if they're not real. Sad? Who said that?

Anyway, if no-one objects to something I can't know it's not working, and so far nobody has, so I'm going to go for the obvious conclusion. Comments, as I never tire of saying, are always welcome and will always be greeted with politeness and consideration, as long as the same courtesy is extended to me. I would like thank you all for pushing the views on this journal, since its inception only back at the end of April, to almost 17,000. That's quite phenomenal, given that some of the journals going here --- many much better than mine --- have much less than that, and only a few have more. I know it's not a competition, but for me this amount of views is an indicator of how many people regularly read my journal, and I'm eternally grateful that you all stop by, and hope it's a worthwhile experience for you.

In closing, let me just wish you a very Happy Christmas: hope you get all the music you wish for this year and we'll see you again in 2012 for more of the same, only hopefully even better.

As we say here in Ireland, Nollaig Shona --- Happy Christmas!
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