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Oh yeah, right. No prizes for guessing what the theme will be this time, right? Well, actually it's not as straightforward as that. I could have gone for Christmas (easy), Santa (also easy) or even snow or presents (little harder, but still fairly predictable), but I decided instead to pick a theme related to Christmas, but not confined to that season. So as Christmas is one of the times when we all get together and see brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles we haven't seen all year, I thought let's make the theme family. And so I have.

And there's no other song I could really start this off with than this, is there?

Mike Oldfield had a great song out some time ago, with Maggie Reilly on vocals, and this is it. It's called “Family man”.

And Fish sang about “Family business” on his debut solo album, “Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors”.

Without the word family in the title, this is nevertheless a song very much concentrated on the importance of the ties that bind. It's Bruce Springsteen, from the album “Nebraska”, and “Highway Patrolman”.

Of course, we couldn't leave out Cat Stevens' beautiful classic, could we?

From “Father and son” to “Father to son”, this is Phil Collins, from his “... But seriously” album.

Lovely track from Martina McBride, “In my daughter's eyes”.

With a strong anti-war message, this is Dire Straits, title track from their album “Brothers in arms”.

Mostly Autumn sing about the mother of us all, the big one, “Mother Nature”.

And we'll end this, the final feature and the last entry before Christmas, with another classic, this time from the late Harry Chapin. This is “Cat's in the cradle”. See you all after Xmas, and thanks for staying with us!
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