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Default Vote for a FAIR album before Jan 14

Every two weeks the Folk And International Roots Album Club will vote for an album that they will listen to and discuss in the coming weeks.
Anyone can vote in this poll, but if you vote, please follow through and be ready to discuss whichever album wins the poll.
These are the candidates to choose from :-

Originally Posted by fazstp View Post

Talking Timbuktu - Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder (1994)

This one's new to me but sounds promising.
^ This album has appeared in every poll since August 14th and hasn`t attracted much attention recently, so I figure it`s time to put it on LAST CHANCE status. If it doesn`t win this week, it`ll be stood down, ok ?

Originally Posted by Argento View Post
I nominate this compilation of african singers:

Compilator (it's a seal, not a person): Putumayo
Album's name: African Odyssey
Year: 2001

Samples can be listened on Amazon: : Music Sampler

I nominate it for those songs:

Sinama Denw - Habib Koite
Mar - Augusto Cego
Kecu Minino Na Tchora - Bidinte
Raki - Oliver Mtukudzi
The Well - Seydu
Fundo Di Matu - Manecas Costa
Originally Posted by fazstp View Post
Greg Brown - The Evening Call (2006)

Rather mellow album from a prolific musician.


Congotronics (2005) by Konono No.1

Congotronics consists of African chants accompanied by traditional thumb pianos fed through some rudamentary electronics which have been cranked up to distortion levels. The result sounds like something which may be a one-artist genre; Industrial Afro-trance Folk. Most of us will never witness a local Kinshasa band playing together in a courtyard with some home-built amplifiers, but this album gives us an unadorned indication of what they sound like.
Dead Combo Vol.1 by Dead Combo (2005)

Fado is a traditional Portuguese guitar style, but on this album Dead Combo have taken it apart and rebuilt it with the same kind of slow,intense, precision that Ry Cooder used on his Paris,Texas soundtrack. Just like RC, this duo -guitar and double bass- perform musical magic by going back to the simplest things but somehow charging them with a new beauty hard to describe.
(PS.This Dead Combo are from Lisbon and shouldn`t be confused with an Irish band who use exactly the same name.)

Live At Massey Hall, 1971 by Neil Young (2007)

Something old, something relatively new from Canada`s greatest musical export. NY plays a solo acoustic set, between Harvest and Gold Rush chronologically, which makes it quite possibly his folkiest album ever.
Be they sacred or profane, sublime or ridiculous, here are another six albums to choose from.
Which will you go for ? Which will you love ?
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