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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
Romney really seems like the only one with a chance to beat Obama in the election. He's not inches from death, wearing sweatervests, or gay bashing and he has McCain's support behind him. If he gets the nod I suppose I will vote for him, but anyone else I'm going to clothespin vote for Obama.
I think the only one gaybashing is Perry and he's all but dead, but Santorum isn't bashing, he just holds backward and deeply religious. I don't think he hates gay people.

Originally Posted by Paloma View Post
No context on this one, but for those who don't know, those two fine gentlemen with Ron Paul are the founders of Stormfront.

I'm really confused on how Ron Paul isn't racist, after all he's against the Civil Rights act iirc. I don't see how his reasons could be anything other than he's a ****ing bigot. It's just like when you hear morons who fly the Confederate flag talk about how it's not racist!!! it's about state's rights!!!

I don't think so....
I hear a lot of Anti-Semetic comments about Paul rallies, and he represents an ancient conservatism that had deep rooted anti-Semetic views though I don't know if he represents them. His son said that Civil Rights act isn't necessary today, but they're coming at it from a government intervention standpoint.

That doesn't make it smart - this is why ideology is ridiculous - but I don't know if its fair to say they're biggots. Also, I have no idea who stormfront is.
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