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Default [RECORDING INCLUDED] What Song Is This?!

What the heck is this song?!?

No clue what this song is. Please listen to a version I re-recorded so you can help me:

I hear it occasionally, and I remember hearing it first back in maybe the mid-to-late 90's. Maybe even the early 90's. The past couple times I've heard it was in Home Depot and then just the other night in Red Lobster. It's a melodic rock/alternative/progressive rock song. It's sung by a male. It has violins and strings in it towards the end doing the part that I'm whistling on. I'm dyyyyyyying to know what it is! It probably played the type of radio station that played Oasis, The Verve (Bittersweet Symphony), Collective Soul, Soul Asylum, etc. It actually has a sort of "Bittersweet Symphony" feel to it, but that's not what it is. Please help!
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