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Originally Posted by RMR View Post

Slayer Reign In Blood- 1986
RMR Album Rating- 5

The album run time is about 28-minutes, which is not a problem in itself, but when all the songs basically sound the same, the whole album really just melts together into one short blur, and because it is so fast all the time, there is very little song development at all.
AS you know RMR I love your reviews but its obvious extreme metal is not your thing I really think you've missed the point with this album and the above paragraph of yours really hits the nail right on the head. Not only was this Slayer album meant to be the meanest and fastest album of its time, but the whole thing was actually meant to be a blur that sped along at a million miles an hour and a complete frenzy of agression and power, the band weren't looking for song structure or development and certainly not any melody and the great production picked every detail up which was rare for a lot of thrash albums at this time. I wouldn't expect anybody that wasn't into extreme metal or hardcore to really like this album, this is an album for those already annointed in the ways of extreme music. Slayer are not Metallica, were a listener can gradually get into their music by finding elements that they like. You either just love what Slayer do or you don't really and no real in betweens. Do I think this album deserves all the hype it gets? Most definitely!!! Its a defining album of not just thrash metal but extreme metal as a whole, its a legend that has hepled to shape the heavier and more agressive spectrum of modern metal.

I saw you compared this album to a Octopus by Gentle Giant, I'm listening to a lot of early 1970s prog at the moment so I may give that album a twirl soon, haven't listened to it in donkey's years.
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