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Originally Posted by RMR View Post
Thanks for the compliment!

Can't disagree with anything you've said. Just note on the Gentle Giant comparison that I obviously wasn't comparing the sound of GG and Slayer... they clearly sound nothing alike, but for me both albums (Octopus and Reign in Blood) looked like winners on paper, but both ended up being disappointments for me.
Ya now I see what you referring to here, just two highly rated albums that disappointed you.

Originally Posted by Il Duce View Post
the whole extreme metal milieu can be done in a way where your ears can pick up interesting stuff, there's nothing interesting about RiB

Napalm Death have interesting breaks and solos

Darkthrone often uses rock n roll riffs, albeit very much speeded up
Thats all very good, but Slayer did it before both these bands.
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