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Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
This poll has been up for a week, but has now closed with only one vote. Sad to say, that vote came from myself, so I`m declaring this a void ballot.

To conform with the club the calendar, I`m going to leave one week to see if any new nominations come in, then I`ll open another poll on Jan 21st and see if that does any better. If it flatlines again, I guess I`ll declare the FAIR album club clinically dead.
I was on vacation. It's a 40 °C summer here (like 100F).

I find the choices a bit dull (except by my own nomination ). But I'm not allowed to vote for it, so my choices are either Ali Farka Touré or Dead Combo.

EDIT: No I can't vote. Poll is closed.

Given that is the last chance for Ali Farka Touré, I give my vote to it.
Here is my thread on Argentine music.

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