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The Christmas break isn`t that long in the Northern hemisphere.
I think across all those countries it`s safe to say that the school or college break is usually about two weeks, while shops and offices might get one week if they are lucky. So I`m assuming that most MB posters are back at their keyboards; MB only has a limited number of Southern Hemispherians.

If I follow the club calendar, and open a poll today, people will have until the end of January to vote, which seems like time enough to me.

About your nomination, I have a track by Bidinte on a different Putumayo compilation album. It`s a nice track, though what strikes me most is not so much Bidinte, but the exquiste voice of an anonymous female backing singer, who really makes the track ring.
Oh, just seen that my album, "An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey", has a track by Manecas Costa too - I`m going to give it another play right now !
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