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Default World folk rock

Anadolu rock playlist

Anadolu rock - YouTube

Purest form of Turkish folk rock

What are the other World equivalents of this movement?

Many of these artists started out as Elvis Presley tribute acts, and developed the American rock and roll movement into their own rock style, fusing modern instruments with traditionalist Turkish ideals, sometimes with controversial modern Turkish political ideas, but always true to the heart of Anatolia and the Turkish people.

Often drawing lines between the communist, nationalist and Islamist of 1970s Turkey, 30 years later the birth of the Anadolu rock movement and the original artist's songs are subversely now a way to reconcile those differences and hear the average Turk's voice for each ideal.

Overwhelmingly what prevails is a look at a shared ethnic identity, and beyond that the invitation of universally shared Human condition.

Some of these dudes wrote english songs but it didn't translate over as well because most of the Turkish work is based on thousand year old Turkish folk stories with psychedelic jams. Which won the respect and freedom for a lot of these artists to work on rockpop jams in the 80s/90s.

Bands like Zeppelin are influenced by bands like the Yardbirds who were formed from working with people who made up awesome **** by sitting and watching trains, like Howling wolf, life of the people, yeah sure do something like that and write a jam, and a lot of Anadolu rock is fresh material in that sense.

But dig up like some thousand year old love poems from ****ing medieval crusader times and jam on your guitar with them, then that's the making of
something pretty sweet. **** google over here you'd have to bloody...ransack museums to get something that is deep and actually worth the paper it's written on where I live, but then again, maybe I'm ignorant of my British heritage.

Rock on \m/

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