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Default Free music money!!!!!!!!!

hey guys hows it going. Just wanted to let you all know I found this site where you get paid for being on the internet. When you sign up they put $10 in your account all you have to do is sign onto the internet and watch 200 adds(you dont ever have to watch them) and then you get paid 1% of the $10 every day, however at the end of the month you can choose to compound your earnings and add it to the 10$ so instead of 1% of ten dollars its 1% of 20 dollars or whatever it comes to. And the best part is you can deposit money to earn even more so if you deposit $90 that means your account has $100 in it and you make a dollar a day which is $30 a month plus the bonuses they pay you! Imagine if you deposited 10,000 - thats $100 a day or 3000 a month! Plus when you refer people to them you get a part of what the put into there account! - free money for music!!!!!
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