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Originally Posted by sykoclown View Post
Wow, you people are ridiculously retarded. Despite popular belief, not all juggalos are overweight, not all juggalos are dirty, not all are uneducated, not all are poor, not all are unemployed, not all are living off of welfare and/or foodstamps, not all are.
No, just a disproportionate number of them.

We are, however, comfortable with who we are, not willing to take **** from someone bashing us for being who we are, and unlike so many others that get caught up in the social stigmata of today's world, we are not willing to change in order to fit in.
Except to fit in with your own little social club. Don't pretend that juggalos reject mainstream society. Mainstream society already rejected juggalos because they're a bunch of socially retarded asshats and now they've created their own little club to make themselves feel less like losers.

Therefore we seek like-minded individuals who are cool with us as we are, and we return the decency. Because believe me, that is exactly what it is... decency. We are decent people.
Please. I've never seen people who treat each other with such disrespect. The whole reason nobody wants to have anything to do with juggalos is because they're immature narcissists who don't know how to act around other human beings.

Hearing you bash ICP and/or Psychopathic Records is ridiculously retarded as well. We maybe the middle class musicians,
Try lower class musical idiots.

but at least we are making our **** what we want it to be, instead of becoming the sell out, corporate monkeys that so many others are today.
The whole Psychopathic juggalo...thing, IS a business you moron. ICP are selling you an image and a mentality that you find comforting and that doesn't challenge your already preconceived ideas about yourself and you lap it up and give them money.

Oh, did I mention that ICP is a platinum ****ing group? Sure is. Look it up on wikipedia. So before you bash, learn, and respect. Until you are capable of that, **** off!
Good for them. They've got you eating out of their hand to pay for their mortgage. Better you than me I guess.
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