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Originally Posted by Peppermint4life View Post
I recently got a new amp. A 1976 Twin Reverb with original speakers. I was just curious if this is enough for a small venue. Say, about 250 people? I'll be playing a sorta punkish-blues hybrid thing.
If im correct its a 100 watt silverface twin. That amp is so mother ****ing loud is absurd. People would not normally think this but it can hang with any marshall stack any day of the week. Unless you are playing a stadium you wouldnt even need to mic the thing unless you wanted to. I dont think you comprehend how loud and how much headroom a 100 or even 85 watt fender has. I hope you are using pedals because your not getting any breakup out of that amp unless your ears are bleeding.

Dont get me wrong though, a silverface twin is one baddass amp. My friend just got a 74 and the thing has the most beautiful clean sound you could ever imagine. And for a frame of reference I have a 15 watt tube amp that can be played overdriven or clean in mosts bars and clubs without being miced. People dont give tube amp rating enough credit.

Their is a reason people play hot rods, blues jr's, and other smaller amps than just them being smaller. They dont have nearly as much headroom so they can get that breakup at tolerable volume levels. If your playing dirty with a twin pedals are a must. But at least your clean tone will be unstoppable.
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