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Originally Posted by rnrloser_IX View Post
Are you micing your drummer? If not, than any tube amp above 50 watts should easily be able to go over the loudest drummer. Here's a little hint: if you ain't micing your drummer, then you just found your maximum volume. And if you're gonna take the time to tediously set up drum mics, then call that sound b**** over and have him throw a dang mic in front the amp and call it good. Way easier than micing a drum. Besides, those tube amps carry. I have a small vox, about 1/10 Watt, 1 Watt or 4 Watts and its crazy loud and full on 4 watts and fills a room. Like RezZ said, you don't need much tube power to blow people's head off, I'm looking at going down from my 100 watt Peavey to an AC30.
Take a look at Blackheart Hothead 100. It can go 100 or 50 watts and has a class a setting that goes all the way down to 30 watts. Really good quality, I would own one but my 15 watter is to loud as it is.
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