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Originally Posted by rnrloser_IX View Post
That's ridiculous. I've heard of Blackhearts but I've never actually seen one in a shop or anywhere to demo. What exactly is Class A anyway? I know my valveking has a texture knob on the back that shoots it from A to AB.
Check this link out.
Class-A Amplifiers explained

Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre View Post
Wattage is not the same as volume.

Sensitivity of the speaker cone makes the difference.
No but it is a good gauge of how loud the amp will "sound" to you. While it may barely be louder 100 vs 15 watts yours ears will hear the extra frequencies being pushed through giving it a fuller sound tricking your ears into thinking its actually louder.

That is why bands with lower mids/bass heavy music use such high wattage amps. (besides just looking cool) While using a miced/unmiced 30 or even 50 watter you will get just as loud but wont have nearly the same full sound when the lower notes are being played. Now this is assuming of coarse all the amps have the same speaker rating and speaker size.
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