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Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre View Post
Wattage is not the same as volume.

Sensitivity of the speaker cone makes the difference.
Yeah. If I'm not mistaken, I read somewhere that to double the total decibels output of an amp, you need something in the ballpark of quadruple the wattage. Like I said, if you're amp can put you to par with your drummer and everyone else, than thats as loud as you need. Then, instead of sinking your money into getting the "loudest amp," try and put it toward sound quality.

Hey GB, I have a Valveking 212 and I like it an all, but there are a few tonal things that I'm not overly satisfied with. For some reason, at distance my amp gains a lot of highs and the lows start to choke out a bit. I've noticed this with my friends amp too. Also, the sound is very linear,not so much expansive. Is this just an anomaly with guitar amps or is this my amp? If it is, then is there a way I could fix that? I've played with the tones until I've gotten good balance and cut, but that trend is always there.
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