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Default Please help! Can't figure out Song Title

I have no idea who sings this song or the song title so I am hoping someone knowledgeable can help. I only know bits and pieces of the lyrics and some basic information about the song.

First off, I know it's older, like 80's or older still. It is deffinitely a male artist. Here are fragments of some of the lyrics as I seem to recall somewhat vaguely. Please keep in mind my recollections may not be the exact lyrics, but it should give you a round about idea:

...take me to the other side OR....break on through and meet me on the other side....OR....See it through until the end of time....

I wish I had a better memory of what was said but it's along those lines. I've Google combinations of phraises over and over and can't figure it out...only thing I have is the repeating sound over and over in my head :S

I want to say it almost has like a sad Allan Jackson sound to it, but I am sure it's not him. I've gone through the anthology and it's not his song.

This is a pretty tough one, so hopefully someone out there has some idea what it might be. I am hoping not to stump because I'd really like the name of this song/artist.
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