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Default Fast 'n' Bulbous: The Avant-garde/Experimental Album Club

Alright... we're going to try this again... for the third time.

The Process
  1. Each session will last month.
  2. The first week will be entirely for nominating albums.
  3. The second week will be for voting.
  4. The third week will be for listening to the album.
  5. The fourth week will be for discussion of said album, as well as the next round for nominations.

Remember... you cannot vote for your own album, and the album you nominate must be that of the experimental or avant-garde variety. For now, the process of this album club will remain unchanged unless we get quite a few active participants. If this is to happen, then I will shorten it to two weeks, but for now... it's a month.

Please, if you are hesitant in joining only because you have limited knowledge in this area of music, then join anyways. This is a great way to expand your taste in music, and it's what helped me get into more experimental music.

Start nominating!

Albums Reviewed and Listened to:

>Mountain by Anni Hogan

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