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What was that comment about 'basic'? I don't care much for Korn. I can't digest it

Let me take us back to when it was less basic three-cord riffs, and, synthesizers. I'm thinking.........but, I'm lazy, so, I'll just grab one.

There's less basic. And, an actual organ. Not a synthesized xylophone switch.

Does a synthesizer have a harmonica?

Not the most lyrically profound band. There's better ones. Ritchie Blackmore could well strum and pick. I'll think of more, if we want to steer away from three cord riffs. I was on a newer blues kick, and, I usually pick with the prose in mind.

Picking, not speed riffs. Any metal must be on par with early Metallica. And, I'm not crazy about them, but, someone could play. I just knows Lars somebody got all pis*y when Napster was the pirate ship of choice. And, you had a 14k modem, and, dial-up.

That should be a thread. How powerful was your first computer? 8gig ram, 896mb hard drive, 75mhz processor, and it only cost $2000! Printer not included. Or, modem. I think it was 8k, and, 100 bucks. How far have they come in a mere 68 years. In 1944, the mark I. 50ft long, and 8ft high.

This is interesting, but,

I don't give a crap. This is a great observation I found on wiki.

"Had the automobile developed at a pace (equal) to that of the computer during the past twenty years, today a Rolls Royce would cost less than $3.00, get 3 million miles to the gallon, deliver enough power to drive (the ship) the Queen Elizabeth II, and six of them would fit on the head of a pin!"

And, human beings are growing larger. Does that not seem odd?

Don't reply. I am going to start that thread. I want to hear what the forum thinks.

And, there are no limits to what can be posted. Who the hell am I to set any rules I wasn't actually serious. I just don't want to hear it

What a blankey blank! Fill it in.
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