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Originally Posted by Mr November View Post
Why is marriage a civil right? What does this mean?!?

What is marriage, and why should government have anything to do with it?

And morals aren't always subjective, they can be very logical. Humans are animals that are naturally social - morals are just social behaviours.
It becomes a civil right ONLY when its denied to a certain section of the population. Why should some be granted the contract and right of marriage and others refused it?

Morals are both subjective and logical, as most people in the western world have had a similiar education, understanding of what is right and what is wrong and therefore have a grasping of human morality and their responsibility to society.

We know its wrong to kill another human being, so thats logical as its a shared opinion by society. Minor issues though, become much more subjective, for example is it acceptable for a couple to have sex in a public environment or for a human being to take advantage of another human being financially?
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