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Originally Posted by rnrloser_IX View Post
I know what you're referring too but whats the sound difference? I thought all guitar amps were open, except for cabs. Why are most combo's open but cabs closed?
Open Cab: big spacey sound with less bass.
Closed Cab: more bass more mids, a more focused sound

Idk about most combo's being closed, I see a lot hat are open. Unless its really cranked up I really never notice the difference anyways. Some bands will used closed vs open depending on the size and accoustics of the room they are playing.

Originally Posted by Peppermint4life View Post
Okay, I was thinking of getting an Eminence Red Coat The Govorner (75 watts), Celestion Seventy (80 watts), Jensen C12N (50 Watts), and a Jensen Jet series Falcon (50 watts). All these at 16 ohms. If I wired them all in parallel, I'd have a 4 ohm cabinet.

Anybody have any experience with these speakers?
The Red Coat Gov is my favorite eminence speaker. And just so you know (cant remember exactly which model) the Red Coat series are mostly modeled after classic Celestian speakers like Vintage 30's and Greenbacks.
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