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Default Computer As A Midi Controller For A Synth?

So I've been searching around for this a lot, But All I've found was ways to use your computer keyboard as a midi for DAW's. What I need to do is use it as a midi out to a keytar. The vocalist In our band got a couple keytars and A midi controller, but I don't think the midi controller is very good. It was like fifty bucks.

So I'm wondering If I get some sort of usb to Midi Adapter and I hook it up to my computer, then use some sort of virtual midi software that turns my keyboard into a midi controller, if I could use it for the keytar? And if its possible what sort of synths I would need? Could I use vst plugins like nexus in a daw like FL studio, or Mixcraft? Or would I need A stand alone synth? Any Suggestions for a good synth? I came to this forum cause everyone sounded pretty nice and cool, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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