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Originally Posted by Sneer View Post
Botch are Mathcore, which differs from Metalcore in that there is a greater emphasis on speed, technicality and complex time signatures. There's a progressive element to it.

Metalcore is bands such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Bullet For My Valentine. Breakdowns, harmonised riffs, double-bass pedals and drop-tuning are key elements.
In its purest form, metalcore is still more similar to Botch than it is to the KSE, AILD, BFMV type bands which take a lot of influence from melodic death metal and even power metal. I chose to use Botch as my example, because they better illustrate the blend of hardcore and metal. But yes, if we're going to be specific, they are a mathcore band... which usually is just a more progressive and technical form of metalcore.
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